Collected publications


School Councils and the Democratic Ideal
New Era
Vol.54 No.1  pp 5-8

Democracy in Secondary Schools: School Councils and ‘Shared Responsibility’
Journal of Moral Education
Vol.2 No.3  pp 221-232


Against Competition: in praise of a malleable analysis and the subversiveness of philosophy
Proceedings of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (now Journal of Phlosophy of Education)
Vol. X July pp 124-146

Competition and Ideology
Cambridge Journal of Education
Vol. 6 No.3  pp 135-138


The Value and Neglect of the Expressive Disciplines in Education
New Era
Vol.62 No.1  pp 26-33


English Within the Arts: A Radical Critique
Educational Analysis
Vol.5 No.2  pp 23-40


On Asking Different Questions and Pursuing Different Means: A Critique of the New Management Training Initiative
in J.Maw et al Education plc? Headteachers and the New Training Initiative
Bedford Way Papers No.20
Heinemann  pp 12-24


Celebration: Valuing What We Do
in R. Blatchford (ed) Managing the Secondary School
London, Bell & Hyman pp 170-185


‘Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite – ou la mort’: Towards a New Paradigm for the Comprehensive School
in C. Chitty (ed) Redefining the Comprehensive Experience
Bedford Way Papers No.32
London University Institute of Education / Heinemann  pp 50-64


Democracy and Fraternity
in H. Lauder & P. Brown (eds) Education: In Search of a Future
Falmer pp 50-74


The Fraternal Foundations of Democracy: Towards an Emancipatory Practice in School-Based INSET
in C. Harber & R. Meighan (eds) Democratic Practice and Educational Management
Education Now pp 133-145

Overview of Section Two
(with Roger Dale)
in C. Harber & R. Meighan (eds) Democratic Practice and Educational Management
Education Now  pp 93-97


Flexible Curriculum at Stantonbury
Education Now
No.7 Winter pp 21-23


Flexible Learning in Schools
(with Michael Eraut, Colin Nash, Philip Attard)
London, Training Agency

Back to Basics or Forward to Fundamentals?
Education Now
No.12 Spring  p 5

The Prospects for Democratic Schools in the 1990s
Education Review
Vol.4 No.1 Spring  pp 46-50

Holding on to Education for Liberation in the 1990s
in School/Environment Dialogue
Portuguese Ministry of Education  pp 157-165


Delivery, Packages and the Denial of Learning: Reversing the Language and Practice of Contemporary INSET
in H. Bradley, C. Connor and G. Southworth (eds) Developing Teachers, Developing Schools: Making INSET Effective for the School
Fulton pp 18-33

School Inspection for School Development?
(with Geoff Southworth)
in G. Southworth (ed) Readings in Primary School Development
Falmer pp 175-184

Valuing Difference in Teachers and Learners: Building on Kolb’s Learning Styles to Develop a Language of Teaching and Learning
Curriculum Journal
Vol.5 No.3  pp 393-417


Making School-Based INSET Effective
(with Stephen Steadman, Michael Eraut, Arthur Horton)
Research Report No.2
University of Sussex Institute of Education

Beyond Collaboration: On the Importance of Community
in D. Bridges and C. Husbands (eds) Consorting and Collaboration in the Education Market Place
Falmer pp 149-167


Why and How Learning Styles Matter: Valuing Difference in Teachers and Learners
in S. Hart (ed) Differentiation in the Secondary Curriculum: Debates and Dilemmas
Routledge pp 81-103

Empowerment: Emancipation or Enervation?
Journal of Education Policy
Vol.11 No.3  pp 399-417


Beyond School Effectiveness and School Improvement: Lighting the Slow Fuse of Possibility
Curriculum Journal
Vol.8 No.1 Spring  pp 7-27

Beyond School Effectiveness and School Improvement: Lighting the Slow Fuse of Possibility
in M. Barber & J. White (eds) Perspectives on School Effectiveness and School Improvement
Bedford Way Papers Series
University of London Institute of Education

Empowerment: Emancipation or Enervation?
in D. Bridges (ed) Education, Autonomy and Democratic Citizenship in a Changing World
London, Routledge


The Point of Politics: Friendship and Community in the work of John Macmurray
Vol.6 No. 1 Winter pp 55-64

Against competition: in praise of a malleable analysis and the subversiveness of philosophy
in P.H. Hirst & P. White (eds.) Philosophy of Education: Major Themes in the Analytic Tradition – Volume IV
London, Routledge pp 342-358


Communities of Learners: Myth – Schools Are Communities
in B. O’Hagan (ed) Modern Educational Myths
Kogan Page pp 67-87

Taking Education Really Seriously: Two Years Hard Labour (Editorial)
Cambridge Journal of Education
Vol.29 No.2 pp 173-181

Target Setting, Policy Pathology & Student Perspectives: Learning to Labour in New Times
Cambridge Journal of Education
Vol.29 No.2  pp 277-287

Radical Collegiality: Affirming Teaching as an Inclusive Professional Practice
Australian Educational Researcher
Vol. 26 No. 2 August pp1-34


Taking Pupil Perspectives Seriously: The Central Place of Pupil Voice in Primary School Improvement
(with Fuller, A. & Loose, T.)
in G. Southworth & P. Lincoln (eds) Understanding Improving Primary Schools
Falmer pp 107-12

Education Policy & the Challenge of Living Philosophy (Editorial)
Journal of Education Policy
Vol.15 No.4  pp 377-381

Community, Philosophy & Education Policy: Against Effectiveness Ideology & the Immiseration of Contemporary Schooling
Journal of Education Policy
Vol.15 No.4 pp 397-415

The Person-Centred School
Vol.42 No. 2 Summer  pp 51-54


Taking Education Really Seriously: Four Years Hard Labour
M. Fielding (ed)
Routledge Falmer

Students as Radical Agents of Change
Journal of Educational Change
Vol. 2 No.3 Summer  pp123-141

Learning Organisation or Learning Community? A Critique of Senge
Reason in Practice
Vol.1 No.2  pp17-29

Beyond the Rhetoric of Student Voice: New Departures or New Constraints in the Transformation of 21st Century Schooling?
Vol.43 No.2 Summer pp 100-109

OFSTED, Inspection & the Betrayal of Democracy
Journal of Philosophy of Education
Vol.35 No.4  pp 695-709


The Point of Politics: Friendship and Community in the work of John Macmurray
in D.Fergusson & N.Dower (eds) John Macmurray: Critical Perspectives
Peter Lang  pp 209-221

The Central Place of Student Voice in Democratic Renewal: A Chilean Case Study
(with Marcia Prieto)
in M. Schweisfurth, L. Davies, & C. Harber (eds) Learning Democracy & Citizenship: International Experiences
Symposium Books  pp 19-36


Review of ‘What Children Say’ by Andrew Pollard & Pat Triggs
Journal of Educational Change
Vol.4 No.1  pp 81-87

The Impact of Impact
Cambridge Journal of Education
Vol.33 No.2  pp 289-295

Student as Researchers: Making a Difference
(with Sara Bragg)


Transformative Approaches to Student Voice: Theoretical Underpinnings, Recalcitrant Realities
British Educational Research Journal
Vol.30 No.2 April  pp 295-311

New Wave’ Student Voice & the Renewal of Civic Society
London Review of Education
Vol.2 No.3 November  pp 197-217


Factors Influencing the Transfer of Good Practice – DfES (Full Report) 
(with Sara Bragg, John Craig, Ian Cunningham, Michael Eraut, Sarah Gillinson, Matthew Horne, Carol Robinson, Jo Thorp)
Research Report RR615
London, Department for Education & Skills

“It’s an Equal Thing … It’s About Achieving Together”: Student Voices and the Possibility of a Radical Collegiality
(with Bragg, S )
in H.Street & J.Temperley (eds) Improving Schools Through Collaborative Enquiry
Continuum pp 105-135

Putting Hands Around the Flame: Reclaiming the radical tradition in state education
Vol.47 Nos.2 & 3  pp 61-69

Alex Bloom: Pioneer of radical state education
Vol.47 Nos.2 & 3  pp 119 – 134


Student Voice & the Perils of Popularity
(with Jean Rudduck)
Educational Review
Vol.58 No.2 May pp 219-231

Leadership, radical student engagement and the necessity of person-centred education
International Journal of Leadership in Education
Vol.9 No.4 October / December  pp 299 – 313

Leadership, Personalisation & High Performance Schooling: Naming the New Totalitarianism
School Leadership & Management
Vol.26 No.4 September  pp 347-369

School Leadership & Management
Vol.26 No.4 September pp 317-319

What it means to be a teacher (Editorial)
Vol.48 Nos.3  pp 219-225

Less is More? The development of a schools-within-schools approach to education on a human scale at Bishops Park College, Clacton, Essex
(with John Elliott, Carol Robinson, John Samuels)
Final Report to DfES Innovation Unit, October (2006) 154 pp


The Human Cost and Intellectual Poverty of High Performance Schooling: radical philosophy, John Macmurray and the remaking of person-centred education
Journal of Education Policy
Vol.22 No.4 July pp 383-409

Beyond ‘voice’: New roles, relations, and contexts in researching with young people
Vol 28 No 3 September  pp 301-310

Introduction to the Review Symposium on Improving Learning Through Consulting Pupils Jean Rudduck & Donald McIntyre London: Routledge (2007)
Vol 28 No 3 September  pp 421-423

Jean Rudduck (1937 – 2007) ‘Carving a New Order of Experience’: a preliminary appreciation of the work of Jean Rudduck in the field of student voice
Educational Action Research
Vol.15 No.3 September  pp 323-336

Children and their Primary Schools: pupils’ voices
(with Carol Robinson)
Primary Research Survey 5.3
University of Cambridge Faculty of Education

On the Necessity of Radical State Education: Democracy and the Common School
Journal of Philosophy of Education
Vol.41 No.4 (2007) pp 549-557


Personalisation, Education and the Market
Issue 38 Spring  pp 56-69


Public space and educational leadership: reclaiming and renewing our radical traditions
Educational Management, Administration and Leadership
Vol 37 No 4 pp 497–521

Interrogating student voice: pre-occupations, purposes and possibilities
in H. Daniels, H. Lauder & J. Porter (eds) Educational Theories, Cultures and Learning: A Critical Perspective
London, Routledge pp 101-116


Transformative Approaches to Student Voice: Theoretical Underpinnings, Recalcitrant Realities
in H. Torrance (ed) Qualitative Research Methods in Education
London, Sage

2011 (forthcoming)

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